about the grem

I’m a 20something year old history nerd that has a love-hate relationship with my endocrine system. If we were a facebook status, we’d be ‘it’s complicated’. I’m sure that a lot of it does work but unfortunately I’m aware of a lot of it just not. I’m a type one diabetic and have been for sixeen years. My control has gone up and down over the years. Sometimes it was my fault and other times my diabetes has just defied the ‘rules’ and stumped my diabetic team. It likes to keep people on their toes, okay? I suffer from chronic dawn phenomenon. My body thinks we’re running a marathon at 5am every morning and starts releasing glucose like whoa. Aint nobody got time for that! The doctors and I have tried every insulin, every test, every trick and every theory going and I have the sleep deprivation to prove it. Currently awaiting a new start on an insulin pump so I can get back to university and back on track!

My thyroid also decided to pack in a couple of years ago and does a half ass job of things, meaning I’m constantly tired and cold. It took them a while to catch on to this as my diabetes masked a lot of ‘symptoms’ I put down to my ups and downs. Between these two charming endocrine issues I’ve fallen to chronic fatigue syndrome too. At my worst I slept most of the day and spent the rest of it hoping I could go back to sleep soon. I could barely walk the length of myself but I’ve dragged myself back to being able to walk my dog twice a day.

It isn’t just the hormones in my body that like to play around though, my brain also likes to get in on the act. I have social and general anxiety disorders which like to reek havoc with my diabetic control and the dreaded depression. All of my endocrine gremlins play off each other, mask each other’s symptoms, and make it hard for my medical team to decide what to try and tackle first. I live in constant cycles of questions. Am I anxious because my blood is high or is my blood high because I am anxious and I really could use a sit down and a fresh cuppa, you know?

I decided to start this blog because I need somewhere to vent a little, maybe gain some support, but more so because I don’t think many people realise how complex a person’s endocrine system is and how one condition can so detrimentally influence another. If I can raise some awareness about these issues then that would be fabulous!

Despite all of this, I am painfully shy and anxious about all of this so for now, call me Grem :3

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