Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: Day 1



HAWMC Day 1 

I’ve decided to take up a 30 day health blogging challenge cause it will help this blog get going a bit more and hopefully prod me into talking about more of the gremlins than just the diabetes. We shall see. First topic is ‘getting started’ and why? Why blog? Why share? Why take the time? I’m a newbie to this but it I look forward to it.


I stumbled across the diabetic online community by accident a couple of years ago. I had vague notions of people writing health blogs online before but I guess I thought of them as people suggesting diet fads and talking about fitness regimes. I didn’t think it would be so personal. I met someone over a different website with nothing to do with health blogging and that person ran a blog that I looked into. I then looked at some other diabetic blogs ended up setting one up myself but I didn’t feel like I was getting a lot out of it and jacked it in.  This time I’m doing things a lot differently. I want to connect with people. I had good control then too so I didn’t feel the same need for others to reach out to.


Then my life on the health front sort of imploded. I have many conditions that I will go into more on other blogs and they combined to leave me having to take a medical suspension from university and spending of my time ill and exhausted in bed. I felt very isolated and alone and then remembered the diabetic online community and wondered if maybe there was a way to gain support from it, and if there were other groups for my other conditions.  A lot of it is being able to vent. With friends who are not diabetic or maybe just not particularly interested in things, it can feel like ‘oh here she goes, off on one again. High again and complaining’ ect. Blogging lets me get those feelings out somewhere and the bonus is when someone reads it and feels the same or just understands. It is nice to think my twitter followers know the feeling when I say I’m in target and chuffed about it. It is about that connection, and I never felt that way before.


I think it is ironic that this challenge starts today, because this is my 16th diaversary.  We didn’t have the internet in our homes when I was diagnosed let alone a community that united diabetics from across the world. It is amazing to think someone can live with a disease that long and still be learning about it, still changing things, still having to evolve. It makes me think of my other conditions like my thyroidism, endometriosis and chronic fatigue. They won’t ever go away fully but they will evolve and I will learn, just like with my diabetes. Being online allows me to do that. I can learn about things and I can see how others have progressed, beaten them back, taken control and then I remember how far I’ve come as a diabetic and think well if we can do it for those conditions, I can do it for these too. I feel like I can give back by blogging about my experiences. It is like virtual payment for those that share their experiences with me and help me find new ways of managing various things, or just remind me I’m not alone.


I will say that for the first time in years…today was ok. Usually my day is filled with trying to keep my emotions above the water and dealing with horrible flashbacks of the day I was diagnosed and the worst of my diabetic experiences but I didn’t have much of that today. A lot of that was because I distracted myself with stuff online, a lot of it reading various people’s health blogs online. I didn’t feel as ‘different’ as I usually do because even those with other conditions are dealing with something. So as to the why, I guess it is because it reminds me I’m not alone and shows others that they are not alone either. It helps me cope, and happens to be fun.


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