HAWMC Day 4 – Sharing Resources

Today’s blog is hard because I have so many gremlins so I’m going to try cover all the bases I can. Being honest, I don’t have stuff available for a couple which is why I want to blog about these things so others can relate to stuff I say I guess, and maybe I can find stuff out there too. I mean, it has to be somewhere. * pokes internets *

Depression – The best link I know for this is moodscope.com This site works by giving you certain prompts such as ‘scared’, ‘irritable’, ‘creative’, ‘interested’ and you rate those words 0-4 in how you’re feeling. This produces a daily score of your mood and can keep track of it. For me, this was interesting when I was low but I think a really helpful tool is that the site allows you to designate certain people to receive emails of your scores at certain times. This might be if it drops below a certain % which would serve as a warning sign that maybe you need support. The site reaches out for you automatically and takes away that ‘should I bother them?’ aspect of depression. You only need to make that decision once. It isn’t a fixer because everyone is different and I could list a million things but I think this can work for many.

Anxiety – moodjuice.scot.nhs.uk I don’t use the site itself as such but a lot of the print outs I received from my therapist and the exercises we do together come from this site. It puts things into simple and easy to understand terms with simple exercises to help you tackle both social and general anxiety from the angles that you’re most comfortable with.

T1Diabetes – diabetes.org.uk is the main one. I use it mostly to find out about and set up myself for sponsored walks and such to raise money. It breaks down information for newly diagnosed patients on the site and offers links to support events and gives everything from information on what your rights are when it comes to your treatment to ideas about how to raise money or blog to connect with others.

mydiabetesmyway.scot.nhs.uk/ is something new in Scotland that I love the idea of and am working on getting myself set up for. All my diabetic records and treatments can be put online as well as my clinic reports so I have access to all the information in online form. There is then information explaining what many of the results actually mean. For me, this is huge. Half of that biochemistry sheet was a mystery to me and I only understand it because I’m lucky to have a scientist friend who had done some bio-chem and could translate to Grem language. I shouldn’t have to give me friend some numbers to know if I’m falling apart though. There is also lots of information about the information in various formats about diabetes and how to go about treatment. In other words, shiny!

Having been diabetic for so long, I struggle to think of where to send people for information because, I already know a lot of information and anything new and important tends to appear on diabetes.org.uk for me, or I see it through twitter. Hey there is an idea, twitter! Blogging can be a bit like talking into the abyss but twitter talks back more often so getting involved with the online community can lead to people to ask questions and random pieces of information being filtered into your timeline every day. Plus, no diabetic is going to find a question stupid because we’ve all been there so who better to ask? It can be scary to think of going to a meet up or trying to find one but twitter is right there on your browser! Even just following the diabetic association of your nation and product producers like novonordisk can lead to information and new ideas.

Being honest, when it comes to my other gremlins, I don’t know where to look. I’m new to my thyroidism, CFS and endomitriosis. I’ve been digging but yet to hit gold on this fronts.

When it comes to advice, I think the best is that it is vital to remember that everyone is different. Treatments and therapies that work for one person might not work for another. Each patient is different and will be working with a medical team to handle their conditions. They are the only ones that can decide if what they are doing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, so when it comes to advocating yourself well, you have to do what is best for yourself. It can take a thick skin to talk about conditions in the virtual world or the physical and you have to be prepared to face the people that think they know better and want to make you feel small. You have to believe in yourself and your choices. Really, you have to remember to put yourself first because you live with it, not ‘them’.


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