HAWMC Day 7 – Sensationalize

  • Say WHAT!? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think?
  • Share a ludicrous headline or cure.  Do a news search and choose a ridiculous headline or proposed cure about your condition and write what you think about it. Can’t find one? Write your own.



When it comes to ridiculous things and ludicrous headlines I’m afraid I must once again make type 1 diabetes the focus of this blog because nothing can beat, in my eyes, the way Halle Berry claimed to have weaned herself off insulin and ‘cured’ herself of type 1. I was a teenage at the time and struggling to get my diabetes stable and find an insulin combo that worked for me when that hit the google news feed and as far as I remember I laughed and summoned my mother so we could investigate together.


Not for a single second did I take it seriously.


If there had been a cure found it would be all over the news with medical professionals rejoicing around the world, not a Hollywood star making claims in tabloid newspapers. The more I read, the more I laughed. I figured what has generally been agreed since, that she never had type 1 all along because her claims were just ludicrous, as was her ‘treatment plan’. I couldn’t take it seriously.


At the same time though, I worried that people would try to follow her ideas because desperate  people do desperate and sometimes stupid things.  It was just all a bit mind boggling and I was glad it faded away very quickly.


In other mad news, up there in second place is the person that once told me I was diabetic because I clearly ate too many apples when I was a child. I don’t even know where to begin with that one. I mean, I can see where the ‘ate too much sugar’ idea comes from even if it is nonsense but apples? Really?


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