HAWMC Day 8 – Animals

  • If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was  an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?


Hypothyroidism is in the spotlight today~


Emperor Penguin. These waddling dudes live in temperatures of around -60c a lot of the time and that sounds about right to me. Since my diagnosis I’ve gone through times when I’m been warmer than others and then times when I’ve been colder but this past few months have reached insane levels. The coldness I feel has started to impact my day to day life and as a result put a strain on me emotionally. I can’t choose my clothes based on what I want to wear but instead have to do it on what can fit over each other as layers. I have quirky geeky t-shirts to cheer myself up and they remain covered by another t-shirt, football shirt and hoodie over that. It is the little things that get me down and all that. Plus, the ironing pile of all them layers man. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


So, I love the idea behind today’s blog. I love putting a comical spin on things when it comes to health because I do think that with some things if you don’t laugh you will end up crying or falling into a hole of negative feelings. If I wore any more layers I would probably be waddling like a penguin to so hell yeah it fits. Plus, who doesn’t love penguins?! I myself have just ordered a pump sox from diabetesUK with a penguin on it even though I’m months away from getting the actual pump because PENGUIN!


What I think is important about choosing the penguin though is how these dudes just carry on with their day. Yes, they live in freezing conditions but they are not like many of the animals that hide away from it. They just plod on. That is what I need to do. Yes, sometimes I’m just a shivering ball of ice and do need to hop under my duvet and warm up a little but most of the time it is about hunting out a blanket, wrapping it around me like a cape and doing the housework while looking like a second rate Superman. I like that they just waddle on. In general I just like that they waddle.  So yeah, when it comes to hypothyroidism and its pesky complication of hypothermia penguins are the way forward.

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