HAMWC Day 11 – Favorites


Today’s Prompts:

  • Write about your favorite health iPhone app?
  • Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why?



Well part 1 is scrapped right away as I don’t have an iphone. I don’t want an iphone. Why does everyone assume people have or want apple products?! Any decent smartphone can do basically all the same things and are way cheaper to buy or run on contracts. Ahem rant over.

Part 2 it is then. I don’t really see how this relates to health. I’m doing today’s cause I’m determined to do all the days without fail but really? I mean, my favourite social networking sites are dreamwidth and tumblr and neither of them have anything to do with my health activism. I use them to communicate with friends, geek out over interests and keep track of images, quotes and links I find interesting respectively. Sometimes I blog on DW about my activism and day to day I talk about my experiences but the way I communicate and say my part for health is on twitter and wordpress. WordPress does the job I need it to and twitter is brilliant and yet lacking. Freaking character limits, just saying. Plus I’m still failing miserably to interact on the online chat sessions that seem to go on for diabetes. I just don’t get it. Plus, it probably says a lot that I have a twitter for my health concerns and then a private one elsewhere for day to day ramblings and geekery because those people don’t want to see all my activism and I don’t think all my health twitter pals are all that interesting in me losing my nut over Real Madrid on a Saturday night.

I don’t know it feels weird to be talking about something here that isn’t health related. Having said that, I do love my tumblr for my health. Tumblr gets a bad rep and there are sections of it that terrify me but then it is up to each person to choose what they follow and that makes a huge impact on how your tumblr experience is. I follow people that post inspiring quotes, funny gifs to cheer people up, and in general beautiful things that make me happy. I follow blogs about health, feminism, sexuality and all sorts. I get my links through that and investigate new things. There are gems in there. I love http://whatdiabetesshouldcallme.tumblr.com/ because it hits the nail on the head for what living with diabetes is like and makes me laugh about it. I need that in my life. Tumblr is part of my daily routine. I tumblr as I drink my morning tea, take my tablets, check my blood sugars and work out my insulin ratios. When I’m depressed, I just go to my own tumblr page and I have pages of happy, inspiring things so if you think tumblr is a waste of your time fine, but it is a fabulous use of mine. Beats crying into my duvet cover anyway.

So yeah, tumblr, dreamwidth. Cause doesn’t everyone have a fandom-ish blog somewhere where they ramble about the complexity of Harry Potter characters and rant about why that book should just NEVER BE MADE INTO A MOVIE? Ahem. Right.

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