HAWMC Day Off~

So you get two skips from this shindig and I’m having one today because I find today’s prompts a bit silly.

Rambling is still for me though. I’m off an adventure across the country today to go to a P!nk concert and am veeeery excited. It comes with a big stack of gremlin sized challenges though. A concert is, funnily enough, a rather huge crowd and I’m going with another person that has social anxiety problems so it will be tough. We have, however, done it before in order to see a Steps concert last year. Still, getting the right transport, getting there on time, finding seets and dealing with the huge crowds will be interesting.


I am hoping my diabetes will behave. It is too early to say if it is looking to be a shite today or not. My levels are currently high but they always are at this ttime of the morning. I shall attempt to remain calm and not give it an excuse to poke me with sticks. I consider it a win that I’m considering this journey though because a lot of things could go wrong but I’m not letting my conditions keep me inside.


I’ve got up at 7am. I probably won’t get to sleep until after midnight. This is going to be one hell of a task, especially considering I’m travelling home again tomorrow. I expect I will be shattered by tomorrow night but I think I can do this. I sure hope so. Silly fatigue let me have some fun times yes?


And for others, they would just simply go to the concert with their biggest concern being what to wear. All in the day of an Endo Gremlin I guess.



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