Endomitriosis: Whine and Cheese

I couldn’t decide what to blog about today. I want to blog every day this month to sort of keep up with that challenge but now I’m not getting prompts my brain is swimming. Basically I have too many ideas to chose from! I’m aware that my twitter is very diabetes heavy and that my blog will be too simply because that is the biggest gremlin I deal with and the ones that causes me the most issues. So, today I’ve decided to go with endomitriosis because it is being a little bitch today and I want to get some things off my chest.

It is weird for me to disclose such information but I’ve just come off my monthly (and having it actually BE monthly is still very strange for me) so theoretically this should be the easiest time to deal with this particular disease. It is most dormant at this time of the cycle as far as I currently understand. I’ve had ups and downs while on the pill to treat my endomitriosis. The pain is worlds apart from how it was before. Now it is more annoying than anything else but I have experienced some heavier bleeds again. Previously I experienced this but my period lasted for longer where now it is very short but can be heavy and I think this has been a shock to my system. This  month I took some iron tablets in the couple of days before my pill stopped and then through my period and that seemed to help. I got a chuckle out of the fact that there was a warning on the iron tablets to say they contained iron. Well, I’d hope so as that is why I bought them? I would recommend that to anyone that gets light headed during their period, whether they have endomitriosis or not. My blood tests show my iron count is fine but if you’re losing blood quickly you’re also losing some of that iron so I find it a good thing to top that up when appropriate. The rest of the month, frankly I’m taking enough pills and I don’t need the extra so I leave it out.

But yeah I’m getting a little side tracked here. The pain is a lot better and in the first month or two I got a bit wrapped up in all of that. The pain I was still feeling wasn’t entirely noticed because I could stand up properly and think and wasn’t having what equated to freaking birthing contractions every month! I could take a little hip pain! The problem is now I’m noticing the hip pain because nothing else comes later. Before it was a sign of ‘oh, we’re getting close, brace yourself Grem’ and now it just…well it just hurts.

The biggest issue I’ve always had with my endomitriosis when not actually having my period or ovulating (because I’m so lucky and can tell when that happens because of pain -_-) is hip pain. For years I didn’t realise it was anything to do with my period and honestly thought it was either normal or because I was overweight at the time and busty and thought maybe I was pressurising them to cart about too much weight. I then went and lost a ton of weight and….still feeling them pains. As I mentioned, this week should be when I’m at my best and I’m just….not. I keep getting this dull throbbing in my hips and lower back and it is slowly driving me nuts. I can’t take meds for it because to be frank I get it too often and if I did I’d be addicted to the damn things. I just have to endure but it is so annoying! It isn’t even all that painful, just realllllly annoying and frustrating and argh inducing. This would be the whine part and I’d totally accept some cheese with that to be honest.

I don’t feel I can bug anyone about it though because at the end of the day this is a million times better than how it was. It proves that no pill is a magic fix though, something is always left behind to deal with 😛

I did have a spell earlier in the week though where pains in my side, around my hips I think, hit me so hard I couldn’t stand up right. In fact, I could do nothing more than curl up into a ball. That is the first time I’ve had those pains since I started on the pill. I endured them and they went away but it was a shock to have them come back with such a vengeance. They are not on the scale of the old period pains but dammit and ow anyway. Of course, despite my family knowing of my condition they were dismissed as me having walked too much even though I insisted that I knew it was my endomitriosis. It is a scary illness and hard for people to accept and see. They don’t want to believe it can help me at any time other than when I’m bleeding. That is hard for me to accept but I guess I have to find a way. I know the stats say there are so many like me but where? I feel so alone with it all. Sometimes it hurts a little and sometimes it hurts a lot and always I feel like I’m dealing with it by myself and that sucks.


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