Finding the Good in the Bad of BGs

Sometimes good things come out of bad things. Take today for instance. I decided to have a carbohydrate free breakfast because my bg was already in the high teens and I just couldn’t face the slightly climb that would happen before I started to drop down again. So I took a corrective dose, my basal insulin and went about my business. Four hours later I found I still felt ill and my blood had only come down by 2 when it needed to drop by 11 to be in range. At first I was angry because my plan to having a nicer feeling afternoon had failed and then I realised why.


Clearly I ain’t got enough basal on board yo. Well maybe. It is possible my diabetes was just being a little berk which is entirely possible but it is also possible that I need more humulin at lunch time and that my ratio for my lunch time novorapid is out and covering up the problem most of the time. If I hadn’t attempted my carb free brunch I would not have known that. See, good things from bad things! On the one hand, this sucks and on the other there may be something I can do about the suck.


So basically, bit of an experiment, not feeling great, questions to be answered and more scrambled eggs and cheese on the menu for Grem tomorrow. No omelettes though because I can’t make them without it going wrong even though they are basically the same thing. Stay positive!

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