When Diabetics Become the Diabetic Police

One of my biggest issues with knowing and interacting with other diabetics is how many can easily become the diabetic police. I was scared of coming back to the diabetic online community because I worried that too many would start policing me and I get enough of that in the ‘real world’ as it were. I think there are two types of diabetic. There are the ones that know that there are ups and downs, highs and lows and many different ways of doing things and those that are convinced there is their way or the high way and the highway is death.

A lot of what I do in controlling my diabetes would utterly appal many other diabetics. The simple fact is that unless other diabetics are asked for their opinions or advice it is none of their business. My regime is agreed and approved by my care team at my hospital and I approve of it. That is all that matters. End of. Case closed. Delete the words you’re ready to throw at me.  Yes, I am the main giver of my care and ultimately I know my own body best but the doctors haven’t failed me so far. There have been a lot of tears and tantrums and homework on my part but the doctor’s basic instructions have always proved correct. Their methods always found the results in the end. Even now when they have been forced to admit defeat, I got on the insulin pump list because that is the ace up their sleeve to try again. I don’t do 10+ tests a day and any diabetic that wants to judge me for that can come and meet my hand. With their face. Aggressive? Yeah, sure, but I’ve had enough of all that crap. It is what drove me away from the very people that should have been able to understand what I was dealing with in the first place. My doctor doesn’t want 10 tests from me a day. My doctor doesn’t want ANY test from me that is less than 4 hours after I have taken novorapid unless I’m convinced I’m hypo or hyper. Even if I’m in the teens, dafne principles say I’m not allowed to touch it until 4 hours has passed because only then do I know what is really going on.  The food and insulin is messing up the result for me so the doc wants none of it. In my doc’s eyes, it tells them absolutely nothing so why put myself through it? Other diabetics have no right to judge me for that, none at all. In the future, more tests will be demanded of me but that is the future and I’m taking the now to rest my weary fingers.

What I eat, how much I exercise, where I go and what I do are not things to be judged by other diabetics or by anyone else.  How those things may or may not impact my health are between me and my team. The more diabetics say ‘you shouldn’t do that’ or ‘you should do this, eat that, try that’, the more people feel alienated from what should be our community.  There is nothing wrong with saying, I did this and X happened or I’ve heard about Y but once you put the ‘should’ in there you’re going to upset people. I mean, take my blood sugar monitor. It is a freestyle optium meter and it takes a lot of heat from the community. Even things like that upset me because ok, someone as an individual may not like it and it may not fit their needs but that doesn’t mean it is useless and doesn’t fit mine or that  I’m doing anything wrong or stupid by using it? A diabetic has to be comfortable with their meter and I’m comfortable with mine so nothing else matters.  Just, too much in-judging goes on and to make progress and make even bigger steps forward it has to stop. I don’t test at 3am, some do, I eat white bread and some eat brown bread, I’m not a vegetarian and some are. We’re all diabetics and that is the only thing that matters.


2 thoughts on “When Diabetics Become the Diabetic Police

  1. Annie says:

    Everybody’s different. There are many many solutions to dealing with diabetes. Just gotta find the right one for you’re spcific situation! I do low carb but I know multitude of diabetics who would never take this path. Its no big deal

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