Blogging Against Disablism Day

sorry for caps. it won’t stop o.o

So, today is Blogging Against Disablism Day. I did my wordless Wednesday yesterday so that I could do today’s blog today and then when it came around to it I didn’t know where to start. Disablism comes in all sorts of forms. The form I encounter most is people’s refusal to accept that there is anything wrong with me at all. It isn’t even people refusing to make adjustments due to my disability but an outright refusal to admit that I am disabled at all. It is impossible to see Type 1 Diabetes see, so people tell themselves that there is nothing wrong with me. Out of sight and out of mind is the attitude of the majority towards my disability.

People think being diabetic is my own fault.


They think I don’t try hard enough.


They think they know better when it comes to my diabetes.


They think that diabetes is predictable and easily managed by doctors and health care professionals.


They think I take them for a ride.


They think I play on it.


They think I just need to deal with it.


It is hard and heartbreaking to be someone that can do things one day and not the next. It is hard to have to explain why I can do things one day and not the next. It is hard to have other disabled people judge me because I could do something yesterday and not today and so I must be lying. Having an invisible disability is not the blessing many see it as. It isn’t easier. It doesn’t stop questions. It isolates a section of disabled people into their own corner where not even other disabled people believe them when it comes to their condition. Having an invisible illness is a very lonely life to lead.

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