like a domino

it is weird how one thing can just set you off. it is the time of the year where university students hand in their dissertations and a lot of people i went to school with are doing so and posting pictures of them with said dissertations on facebook. i’m finding it really hard to deal with all of that. i’m proud of my friends and happy for them but it reminds me that if i wasn’t ill i would be finished with university by now too. it is a kick in the teeth i guess, a reminder of all the things i used to be able to do and everything my health is keeping me from. my friends reacted well to me mentioning this on fb and encouraged me that i will make it in my own time and it isn’t a race and such but it still hurts. i just hate being stuck in this continuous cycle of nausea and exhaustion and knowing there i is nothing i can do about it but hold on. 


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