A Wii-Work Out With Added Playlist~

Today saw another huge step on my recovery from being an exhausted diabetic hypo/hyper on wheels. YAY! Ahem, in better explained terms I managed to do a work out. I pulled out the wii-fit board and literally wiped the dust off it to check my weight and then thought ‘well it is all turned on now…why not have a wee go?’. I’d conveniently pulled out the wii when my bloods were in an acceptable work out range so I decided to try some hula hooping.

 For those not following my twitter moans I managed to break my pinky toe walking the dog yesterday (who even does that?)  so I couldn’t do anything where I had to put my full weight on the board and I can’t walk outside because shoes hurt. Hell walking inside hurts but shoes maul my feet and I’ve yet to unearth a pair of something that don’t. I am feeling sorry for myself so getting to be active in some way without pain was rather awesome if I do say so myself. I let my toes hang over the edge of the board and got my hips going. I did well and for some reason decided that clearly meant I could do a 10 minute hula session that I unlocked before I got ill and was something resembling fit. What a fool. The wii fit locks that stuff at first for a reason.

I about died but finished it off. I then did some abb crunch things and proceeded to make the same mistake twice by thinking ‘of course I can still do 30 reps!’. Again with the dying thing. I made it though. I followed that up with a little cycle on the bike and in total did about forty-five minutes stuff. I was waiting for the big energy crash and thought it would be worth the wee work out I’d managed but…it hasn’t come. I was fine and am still very much with it hours later. I didn’t go hypo either. I am insanely happy about these facts. Before I realised how ill I was any time I did manage to drag myself onto the bike or pull out the wii fit I went hypo and ended up in an exhausted heap. Or both. That wasn’t fun, especially when I was trying to lose weight through exercise along and I’d end up eating what I had burnt off. I’m sure many diabetics, of both types, can relate to how freaking annoying that was.

The doctor’s kept encouraging me to try and do a little wii fit every time I felt I could as energy builds energy ect ect but this is the longest work out I’ve managed in forever that wasn’t just walking around. I’m really proud of myself and it shows me how far I have come. I have no idea when my bloods will next be under 13 at a time where I have energy but I await it happily, confident that I will be able to make the most of it once more. I don’t run high all the time or anything but often when my bloods are ok I’m just tired to my bones. So yes, progress. I do like me some progress.

For a giggle, I shall share some musical information~ I know a lot of people make work out playlists. I don’t, but I do have a go to genre and it isn’t the expected fast beat pop or dance many use to work out. I like angry rock music. Or angry pop music that is trying to sound like rock music. I’m looking at you Miley. I don’t get an endorphin rush when I exercise which is really freaking unfair and so I think the angry music is very fitting. I won’t be stopped from doing the good thing, I can do this without a shiny burst of happy, IMMA BE A BOSS! I may take this very seriously. I may have a very ‘just you watch me kick your ass body’ sort of attitude to the whole work out thing. Whatever works eh? For the record, my work out music from today. Blasting in my headphones as I sang along, loudly and off key, and the dog looked on in bemusement. Go Grem go!

Robot – Miley Cyrus
Conquistador – 30 Seconds to Mars
Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach
Zombie – The Cranberries
Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback
Enter Sandman – Matallica

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