I shall try not to include any of my usual health gremlins, which to be honest is usually where my interesting facts come from on these things.

01: In my teens I developed an allergy to elastoplast.

02: I am allergic to chili if it is not cooked for long enough. My lips go numb and my tongue swells.

03: One of my hobbies is card making.

04: The smell of mushrooms being fried in a pan makes me feel sick. No idea why.

05: I refused to eat cheesecake for over decade because I thought it would taste like cheese. Even though I love cheese.

06: I was a breech baby.

07: My home en class once ‘broke’ the world record for how far you can stretch a curly wurly but as there was no official there, we didn’t become world famous.

08: I am and wish to remain child-free. Just fur babies for me ta.

09: For most of my childhood I slept with my legs crossed in the bed, as if I was sitting up, and still do on occasion. I found it strangely comfortable.

10: As a child I had a baby tooth removed without painkillers. Not fun.

11: Consequently I’m utterly terrified of the dentist and refuse to go until there is a problem. Which probably causes problems, I know.

12: The first concert I ever went to was Hear’ Say…the winners of the first series of Popstars in the UK. I was 10.

13: We didn’t have much money growing up so at the end of the month we often ran out of things sooo my mum came up with a drink that was combination of left over diet cola and fresh orange juice which she called a ‘mucky puddle’. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

14: The only film I remember crying at as a child was ‘the Fox and the Hound’.

15: I used to get piggybacks from my uncle’s Rottweiler.

16: I once won a writing competition to go and visit the local Royal Mail sorting office.

17: The only bones I’ve ever broken are toes and they were both broken in stupid ways. The first was a big toe I stubbed in a swimming pool and the other is the current broken pinkie toe I have from tripping over a kerb while walking the dog.

18: Instead of having a party for my 18th I went to Spain to see my football team Real Madrid play our biggest rival, Barcelona.

19: As of this moment I have had a total of four step-parents in my life.

20: I live in a Royal Burgh

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