Sight: I can see the UPS truck parked up outside, the trees blowing softly in the wind, bins waiting to be taken back in and houses lying empty as their owners are at work. I can see my desk, a cluster of prescription sheets and insuln pens alongside my box of pills, my speakers, candles, glasses case holder, notepads, my DS and my paperwork stack. Sitting off to the side is a framed pictures of my dog as a pup.

Sound: The steady hum of my computer and creaks in the floorboards as my dog Nico pads about.

Touch: The keys of the keyboard, the softness of my mousemat under my wrists and the hard wood of my desk under my elbows as well as the cold plastic of my desk chair where I’m resting my foot.

Taste: Tea.

Smell: Air? Nothing particular about the smells of today.

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