Probably my hair? I don’t know if that even counts as a feature but Imma go with it. In regards to the rest of me I don’t think anything stands out but more that it all comes together nicely to create a lovely package. I have adorable dimples though. šŸ˜›

My hair is something a lot of people are jealous of. It is very thick and very wavy and strong. It is very dark too and a lot can be done with it. Because I don’t have particulary strong facial features I can carry a lot of different hair styles and feel comfortable too. My hair is currently very short but it is trying to wave a little so without much effort it can look like I’ve been styling it for ages. šŸ˜€


I’ve had long, short, and in between and many colours and my hair is something that while it can bug me, is very rewarding for me. When I was very ill, and when I was depressed as a teen my hair was always huge for me. Yeah I feel crap and it takes every ounce of strength to walk to the end of my own garden path but hey my hair is purple so rock on XD


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