Glucometer. I honestly had to think what that was for a minute. Blood kit 😀

Freestyle Optium with a cover quite literally falling apart at the seams and a pricker that is not from the original thankfully and so hurts far less. I love it. When I was first around the doc it was getting a lot of heat and I was so upset cause I love it so much! I mean, it works? I prefer my sticks in the wee packs because if I am going out with a nice wee bag I can throw in a strip of strips and my monitor and pricker and fit it all in. Boxes are bulky and I don’t like them so much. I also like having the ability to test my ketones without needing a bathroom and, frankly, without having to get up and personal with my pee. Also, the blood results trump the urine samples on time frames anyway. So yeah, I need a new cover but I really like my meter.

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