I had to go rooting for paperwork for this. It was last done in February and they only test mine once a year under DAFNE. 8.6 which is 70 apparently.

I have many feelings about this. First, horror. It is out of target! I want to bash it with sticks. My second reaction is LIES. 8.6. It isn’t actually that bad as a number. For example as a child it was the HBA1c I was asked to aim for. So I know it isn’t ‘bad’ by itself. But I also know it is a lie. It makes me look like a healthy diabetic and I’m not. The HBA1C test matters in the long run against complications but it means very little in the present if the average is constructed by a wide range of numbers. For example, if my blood sugar stays between 8 and 10 you’re going to get a HBA1C that reflects that and is TRUE. My bloods swing between in target 5-7 and outrageous 20-25s with allt he numbers in between. That is not good control. It means I have been signed as medically unfit to work or attend education, but it produces a HBA1C a lot of diabetics would give their arm for if they thought it was consisting of stable numbers. Mine isn’t though. My HBA1C is a lie that makes it harder for me to attain the help I need from the medical professionals who don’t understand diabetes because hey, that number isn’t bad, you’re fine! No, I’m not fine. I’m so very very not fine. I used to let my HBA1C rule my life. Now I don’t pay it all that much mind. I know it is safe in the long run. The numbers on the meter have to be what matter to me now. Those are the numbers actually teling me the truth.

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