Day 5: Diabetes Awareness Month: Insulin

Day 5: Diabetes Awareness Month: Insulin

Again, a question that catches me in the inbetween! Much fun. On MDI I currently take novorapid and humulin I but that is no longer working for me so in 6 days (!!) I start my insulin pump on novorapid. Humulin I will remain part of my emergency kit however.

I’ve been through a loooot of insulins since I was diagnosed in 1997 though. I mostly remember them by the colour of their vials and bottles than by name but let’s stress my brain and think.

When I was diagnosed I was put on insulartard and …something in a red bottle that appears to no longer exist. It lasted a couple of years and then I had it swapped for actrapid. Those were all bottles with disposable needles. Then I went onto pens with a dose of mixtard30 in the morning and insulartard at night. That didn’t last very long. I then had a concoction of mixtard30, novorapid and insulartard which put me on 3 injections a day for the first time. Theeen, a couple of years later I was one of the first teenagers at my hospital to be put on lantus with novorapid. That put me on 4 injections a day. That worked a for a couple of years and then my dawn phenomenon got really bad so Humulin S came on board for the morning and that worked for a couple of years. In fact, I had my best few years on that combo but it failed too so first, my lantus was split with the humulin and the novorapid putting me on a minimum of 5 injections a day plus snacks on novorapid. That also failed so the humulin was removed and replaced with novorapid in the morning but it still couldn’t beat the dawn phenomenon so the lantus went and I had split doses of humulin S and novorapid which has never worked but works a little better than any of the before so that is what I’m on now. 5 injections a day minimum if I have 3 meals a day which I do…and snacks so I don’t know I take somewhere between 7 and 10 a day of humulin I and novorapid and that is how I got there. ALL THE THINGS.


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