Day 6 Exercise and Diabetes

Day 6 Exercise and Diabetes

I don’t. I can’t. My diabetes is currently very tempermental. Walking is really all I can do without guarenteeing myself a hypo or a hyper (yeah exercise can make your blood glucose rise). My exercise consists of two walks each day with my dog and not very long ones. I have a Lhasa Apso, called Nico, so they are not long walk dogs which is good cause I can’t do long walks.

I’ve tried everything in the book to try and fit exercise in without things going wrong but my condition is just too brittle so doctors advised I stick to my dog walking and be very capable with everything else. I’ve managed a few workouts on the wii but they are not pushing me too hard and I’v enever dared go past 20 minutes since my diabetes crashed. Only twice have I avoided a hypo despite following all the ‘rules’.

I used to manage to exercise just fine and as a kid I was always on my bike, scooter, blades or running around like a daft thing in spite of my diabetes. P.E. was a hit or a miss at high school but I was lucky in that I mostly had it after break time or lunch time so I could fit in snacks/lower insulins to make it work. It was just when I became an adult that my diabetes decided exercise wasn’t for it. Hope with my pump I can try a little more. My mum does a zumba class with her diabetes and seems to have a lot of fun so I’d like to try that maybe.

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