Day 7 – Diabetes and Pre-Diagnosis life.

Day 7 - Diabetes and Pre-Diagnosis life.

I can’t really remember before. I was diagnosed at age 6 and I had only had one year at school without being diabetic. My mother is diabetic so I never drank sugary drinks or ate a great deal of sweets or cakes. I was used to insulin bottles in the fridge and synringes in the cupboards. I knew how to treat a hypo and what diabetes was. At first my life didn’t change too much.

The diabetes didn’t change things at first. It was as I became older I realised my life was different but I guess at 6 you’re more sheltered. You’re not going swimming with friends alone or trying to pack all your stuff into a cute bag for the cinema. For the first few years I maintained a great HBA1c on two injections a day and I only tested my blood 3 times a day, in the morning (with insulin,) dinner (with insulin) and before bed unlessI felt high or low. I’ve always had awareness and they just didn’t check things as much back then as they do now.

To be honest, I hate reading about children diagnosed now because it sounds utterly torturous. My HBA1c was constantly between 8.0 and 8.5 as a child which was the target of the time. 7.5 and 8.5 was what children were asked to achieve in Edinburgh. So yeah, before…I don’t remember before. I don’t miss what I can’t remember having. I am sad and was sad that I couldn’ t have what I saw next to me, never behind.

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