Insulin Pump day 1

So, I was hooked up to Rogue the pump today and officially started pumping that insulin! Felt ruddy awful until lunch time with dawn phenomenon and no basal insulin floating around but thankfully, after a session of button pushing with the Animas people I feel a lot more confident about this pump. I got pump set up without a lot of anxiety and to be honest the moment itself was a little anti-climatic. Click, you’re on. I’ve yet to notice any insulin making its way along, even on my bolus doses so I was paranoid for the first few hours that I wasn’t getting any even though I had seen the set drip insulin before attaching it. Being told that sometimes someone finds the cannula kinks and fails without them noticing my anxiety latched onto it and I was sure it would be me!

However, 3 o’clock hopped along, 2 and a half hours after lunch and my blood sugar had dropped by 5mmol so I was released from the hospital. I feel confident that I can do this. I know i will cry, scream, hate everything and possibly hate my pump but before I went today I didn’t know if I could wrap my head around the buttons. Could I physically tell this machine to give me a unit of insulin at a certain time of the day without setting the world on fire. I wasn’t sure. Now I am. Yes, I can. Whether I can tell it to give me the right insulin at the right time of the day is the challenge to be met but I feel I have the tools now.

Since I was started my levels have actually remained pretty steady. They are in the teens but steady and for 8 hours in I’m pretty damn happy with that. I know the ups downs and roundabouts are coming and coming soon but I think it is good for my confidence to have these first few hours of it showing it can work. I started the pump for my overnight and early morning levels though so I’m kind of expecting things to go pear shaped at 4am but I will handle that at 4am.

I had a few anxious moments this morning but mostly I remained calm and I am so proud of myself for that. New faces, new health professionals, new gear, new questions, new answers, new life and on the back of a two hour and two bus journey for an 18 mile distance. There were a lot of bumps that even 6 months ago would have had me a panic stricken mess but I dealt with each thing in turn.

Even treating hypos will be different from now but I have a laminated sheet of hypo rules with a flowchart and the same for hypers.  So even my Neanderthal hypo/hyper brains can figure out what to do.

So yes, for day one I’m proud, pleased and cautiously optimistic.


2 thoughts on “Insulin Pump day 1

  1. Carlyn says:

    I vaguely remember getting my first pump, and you’re right, it is pretty anti climactic for how much emotional effort goes into the decision and learning about it!

    Good luck with the animas. I just switched to animas after using minimed for 14 years. I love it but it is a hard adjustment. So many buttons to push!

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