when the body does its own thing



I think the hardest part of having a chronic illness is when the illness in question does its own thing. There have been mountains of textbooks written about type one diabetes. The doctors have done years of training. Then my diabetes comes along and does something most have never heard of . That is hard. It is hard to get raised eyebrows and questions about am I sure that is what is going on. Yes. Yes, I’m very sure. Even within the diabetic community I find there are always those willing to roll their eyes and say ‘it doesn’t work like that’. Well mine does so sit down.

Basically my dawn phenomenon has no concept of dawn. It gets involved at all times of the day. Yes, I see a rise in the morning which my pump has under control but I know its lurking and the reason I could never go back to MDI even though I really wouldn’t mind that. (Shock horror and unpopular opinion). However, I can see rises basically any time I’m active because my diabetes is actually a cave man. It sees activity and thinks ‘release all the glugcose there is a mammoth on our tail!’. I have no tail and mammoths are extinc but that doesn’t seem to matter to my D.

When I do activity my blood sugar rarely falls. No, my blood sugar rises and sometimes at a rather alarming rate. Test after test has proven this suspicion true to the bemusement of my medical team. There are things that guarentee a hypo. A work out on the wii, decorating or hard core room tidying. Things like ironing, walking my dog or being active in other ways and I start rising. No, I don’t know what my body is thinking is threatening about my ironing board either other than I’d really rather be doing something else. It doesn’t matter when I do it and what I’ve done before, whether I’ve eaten or what month it is. Irons are evil to my D.

The other thing it hates is snow. Where many find their blood sugars dive attempting to trudge through thick snow getting warmer and warmer in their jackes I sky rocket. My mother finds it too. I don’t mean into the teens. I mean hitting 28, 29 and 30. It is the only occasion I see such violent rises. But think about it in human terms. It is a survival instint. Snow is cold and dangerous and cavemen died trying to get through thick snow. So yeah, my body is just still a caveman. I’m in several thousand BC in the body if a pretty modern thinking gal in the real world.


I get a lot of doubt over this. I get told I must be going hypo and rebounding. I get disbelieving looks when I insist I’m doing tests. I just have to do shrug it off and remember the only person that knows my Diabetes best is me. The others can lower their basals when they go walking. I’ll increase mine and the proof will be in the pudding. Which I’ll be having a second helping of please. Yay pudding. 


One thought on “when the body does its own thing

  1. nikkisth0ughts says:

    This is very interesting..but you are right you are the only one who knows your illness best! my mother suffers from type 1 diabetes as well. everyone is different. I enjoy the bit about your body still being a caveman. funny way of putting it but understandable as well.
    hang in there =)

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