The More Grown Up Thing

Last time I had a blog about my health I lasted a few months and then felt bogged down in the politics of it all. I hated when people thought their opinions were the only ones worth hearing. I struggled reading blogs from diabetic parents who didn’t want to listen to diabetics trying to help explain maybe why their children was doing X or Y because they had done it themselves. This blog has lasted longer and I actually feel comfortable on here and on my twitter. I enjoy engaging with the various health communities and that is fabulous.

Sometimes though I find I need a bit more of a pick me up than reading some blogs and scanning twitter. Upon its creation I found  The Pillow Fort which is a fabulous site and community for those living with chronic illness. I was lucky to find it right away because the creator is also the owner of a distro I get my zines from! It is filled with blog posts, helpful tips for the bad days and even a wee shop filled with things reminding us spoonies to keep going and tools to help us do just that. Basically, I think it is the bee’s knees. I have set up this site to be an affiliate to that, so there is a link to the Pillow Fort in my side bar ->->->->

This link goes to the purchase link for the site’s e-magazine but you can get to the main site from there no problem. The magazine is pretty fabulous though and what I want to talk about it, links aside. It comes out every quarter and is £3. I thought about it for a few days before purchasing it because £3 does seem a lot for something you don’t get a physical copy of but then I thought about all those glossy mags in the shops they want the same or more for and then half the pages are pictures of over photoshoped models or adverts for a new hair dryer. The Pillow Fort is packed full of content and it is all from people living with chronic illness. Every page I felt ‘oh I know that’, ‘Oh yeah me too’ and not even with just the gremlins I battle. So many symptoms are shared between us spoonies so the support and tips can be shared too. It comes as a PDF, and is full of colour. It is easy to read. The current feature’s posts included,

– 5 ways to make mornings more manageable

– Travelling with Chronic Illness.

– Adjusting to temp remission

It is a magazine for us, by us, with no one trying to sell us something (other than the mag itself) and only trying to help us and make us feel better. At £3 an issue it might make you stop and think but this thing is 46 pages long with very few adds and given you can get a year’s worth for £12, I really think it is worth the investment to make yourself smile a little on those hard days.

Link on the right at the top  🙂 or The Pillow Fort


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