Easier to See when you Look


I have known for ages that food is an important part of how you feel health wise. If a person’s diet is not balanced they can feel tired, ill or worse suffer from terrible medical conditions like scurvy. Ya know I put that in there because a lot of people associate that with pirates and hundreds of years ago but it is returning to young kids because they are not eating right. Scurvy! So yeah I know it is serious business and I also know that from various experiences.

I used to be overweight and unhappy with myself. I was bullied a lot in a way I couldn’t call out and I was desperately unfit. Of course, weight and fitness are not the same thing but I sure wasn’t helping my cause. My insulin reacted strangely all the time because injections might go into fat. I couldn’t always inject on my legs or thighs because that can lead to lipohypertrophy which is nasty. Anyway I decided I wanted to get my weight sorted for the diabetes and my fitness and such and joined Scottish Slimmers. I then lost over two and half stone in weight but that is not my point. The point is to lose that weight my diet changed a lot. It turned out I wasn’t eating enough when I tried to lose weight and eating the wrong things when I wasn’t. Despite being at my worst point health wise and all but being dragged to classes by my mother half asleep I felt a change in myself as I changed my diet. Vegetables man. So much of my diet became fruit and vegetables because if I ate more of them I could still have my cheese toasties and biscuits. I gave up nothing on my diet. I’m still on it now I’m at my goal weight. I can’t judge portions by looking at them. I have to count it up. So I will always be counting my calories and I don’t mind at all because I hardly ever have to alter my insulin now. I feel great. I like how I look. I eat everything you can throw at me. I’m happy. Ok, so that is the ‘diets are not evil’ part.

Now onto the details. I notice when I eat just carbs. I don’t have as much energy. I feel foggy. I struggle to focus. I get dehydrated and my lips get dry. High carb foods make me feel sick even if my insulin is perfect. My diabetes comes out perfect but it is like it is at war with my body so I feel crap in the span it takes to digest stuff. My week in London showed me just how healthy I am and therefore just how intolerant I have become to a high fat, high sugar and high carb diet. That was basically all I ate all weekend and I sure as hell felt it.

It inspired me to keep a food diary is the point I’m rambling towards. I keep enough records as it is. I record what I do each day for anxiety and depression. I record the carbs I eat and the insulin I take and the insulin I take in the background. I record the calories I eat. All the things! I am hoping another won’t tip me over the edge but I think it will be helpful. I want to know how certain foods make me feel. For example, I love porridge. I have found a low calorie sweet tasting porridge that ticks all the boxes for me and is cooked in the microwave while I boil water for my tea. Oh yeaaaah. However, about an hour after I eat it my stomach churns. I feel lethargic and slow. Despite everything it says on the tin I don’t feel full for longer. I am hungry two hours later just like with cereal or toast because I am actually a giant giraffe. I’m going to take notes for a least a couple of weeks about how I feel after eating certain things. I used to think that it was just because I was struggling to get insulin right but now I see the numbers are fine, I just feel crap. So, I may end up having to get rid of my porridge if the differences in how I feel with different breakfasts are so drastic. I won’t be pleased about it though. I have felt crap in the morning for years now because of the dawn phenomenon so given the insulin pump has finally sorted that I don’t want to throw it away over some porridge.

It all makes me feel frustrated, hurt and a bit angry though. I feel my health has taken away so much from me and now it is stealing porridge? I felt like a good person for eating such a healthy breakfast! Toast can be awesome or taste like cardboard and I can get bored of cereal really quickly but I have been eating porridge for months and loving it. I just feel I have enough things to be getting on with health wise and now I need a new breakfast. Sometimes it is the little thing that becomes the back breaker and all that.

The food diary has not been all doom and gloom though! For one it is in a pretty notepad and that is always awesome. For another it has shown me that my nuts and seeds selections that I have taken to munching on don’t require any insulin but give me a nice steady stream of energy and actually fill me up for a decent time too. As mentioned, porridge is meant to do that and two hours later I’m hungry because yay snacking but apparently nuts are the answer. It can be hard to commit to something like this. It feels like more work and given how tired I can be, it is a lot of effort but it is always great to see actual results. It really is easier to see some things if you look at them written down in front of you.


One thought on “Easier to See when you Look

  1. titchylou says:

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job in regards to your diet! I know what you mean about porridge, I get hungry 2 hours after breakfast, but can last all afternoon without feeling hungry!

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