If I Ruled the World

I don’t usually reblog things but this is important and so very true. Choice is the thing diabetics are denied and then we are crucified for choosing the best we can and not getting the results OTHER people want.

The Grumpy Pumper

Change World

So. If I could change the world what would I do??

Easy! Abolish gyms, make smiling illegal and raise the recommended alcohol limit to whatever it takes to make you fall over. Twice.

Oh….. You mean in terms of Diabetes?

Well. That’s easy too isn’t it? Cure it!

Ok, so it’s not that simple is it? Nope. Because apart from a cure (10 years kids, just 10 years) what we want for our Diabetes care and management is an individual choice. A choice based on what we consider to be important to us, for our quality of life.

So, if I could change the world, the 2nd most important thing to me is for every PWD (regardless of Type) to have choice.

Choice of the method in which they manage their Diabetes, without having to fight for a pump, or being judged for wanting to be on MDI.


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