A year ago today I got my insulin pump. I have gone from sleeping nearly 12 hours a day and struggling to leave the house in fear of my diabetes going wrong to heading back to university, having more of a social life, and having a volunteering position. This machine saved my life. I always thought that seemed so…over the top when people said that but it did. It really did. 



Considering I left the worlds of work and education due to diabetes it sits well with me that I return to one of them during National Diabetes Month. I have secured myself a wee volunteering position in the local Oxfam. It is just four hours twice a week but it makes me feel fantastic about myself.

My health, mental and physical kept trying to tell me this would take many more years yet here I am. At the start of the month university said I can go back in January. Last month my doctor gave me the pill that means I sleep all night and my citalopram cannot make me up. I now sleep from 11 till 8. More than most but now with solid sleep enough.

Life is not perfect. Depression tried to eat me yesterday but it used to do that everyday. Life is improving.

I feel all my health matters are in order to do this. I feel the biggest threat is my eczema and my skin itching on the way to work. Work which will start in the back sorting stock. That makes my anxiety feel so much better. Little steps. No fear of hypos in front of customers. Plus books! A huge part of sorting in my store is books. Yay. I will start there and work towards the front and then the tills. Tesco gave me every skill I need as a teen so I know I can do this physically.  Mentally we shall see but I welcome the challenge.