dblog: day 2

Keep to Myself.

Nothing really. Diabetes is part of me and I refuse to hide that. The only thing I keep to myself is my blood sugar at any given time. I never give specifics. I say ‘it is low, good, ok, high, really high’. I do this because people think they can define me by the number I tell them. If I am upset and my blood is 17 then they think I’m emotional because of my diabetes. No, I’m emotional because a friend stood me up or my football team lost. I’d be just as upset at 6. People decide if you can think rationally. People decide if you can be trusted. People decide your whole life on a number. Screw that.

So what people do not know they cannot make me angry with. It does not upset me. It just pisses me the hell off and as they say, ain’t nobody got time for that.


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