Yes to Students

Students in practical situations. When it comes to health it will mostly be awkward. Unless you are me and just don’t give a …well. It will never be fun or cool but the fact is those with health issues will not get more professionals if they do not let students in to look in on appointments. I understand that some friends have faced three or four students and that feels crowded and too much but most are asked if they would mind one.

It is important to say yes.

Students need to see the best and yes the worst of diabetic patients. They need to see diabetics with good results and dairies and they need to see those who turn up because they are asked and do nothing and have already lost a limb. They need to see a Dr encouraging a patient to do things and yes they need to see the Dr crumble once the patient leave the room.

I have never said no. The idea has always boggled my mind. This person wants to be my Doctor or nurse and I have always been aware of how understaffed my departments are. If anything bothers me about having students in my appointments it is how uncomfortable and apologetic they look. Students will not tell anyone. The most exposure we get is them maybe talking in their classes without naming us.

I would never kick a student out of my appointment. Personally I have always found that they sit quietly and just take notes. A few times a Dr has asked if I would mind if the student asked questions. Again. I always say yes. They rarely ask one or two. They look guilty doing so. I hate that. I would love students to ask me more questions. I’d happy spend another half hour with them being questioned if they would like to do so.

Think about if we didn’t let students in. Doctors would rock up to clinic with no idea how to make patients feel at ease, no idea how to have banter. They would basically be robots. They would parrot what their textbooks told them. They would be no use to anyone.

Students need to see all sort of diabetics. They need to see good results, bad results, nerve damage, eye damage and those who have lost limbs. They need to see how to talk to these people, how to help those people and yes how to be hard on these people.

Where else will they learn?

They cannot and will not graduate without enough time watching and learning. We complain, as diabetics, that we lack help. We only hurt ourselves by not letting the next generation learn.

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