I think Ds should get 3 year driving renewals for them and everyone else.

Drivers are in general a category of people I have little trust for. Speed limits seem like vague notions and the highway code something that occurs occasionally.Sure most of the time the country ticks on with no accidents but I can see what speed my parents and friends are going at and I can work out others from it. I can see where rules are broken and I can see when even the police ignores the rules. Get off your phone. Wear your seatbelt. Strap in your kids. I am sick of being thrown forward in buses, cars and whatever else. Personally, I do not drive. My anxiety is too much of an issue for me to cope and when I did take lessons I felt like I was a child in an adult swimming pool. Everything was just too big and too far away.

Half of drivers are horrific. They speed, they don’t indicate, they cut people off, they park in the wrong places, they park in ways that take up multiple spaces, they don’t drive in the right gear, they forget zebra crossings are not a damn choice here and let’s not get started on motorways. Paranoia about petrol consumption has half going too fast and half going too slow and cars making horrific noises as they are driven incorrectly to make up the balance. Too many passed their driving tests eons ago and seem oblivious to the change in the rules never mind anything else. Seeing old people driving sends me into a state of panic.

Then we bring diabetes into the equation. Diabetes have to get their licence renewed way more often than non diabetics. Our licences will only last three years while the majority of people will have theirs for a decade. Many diabetics feel this is unfair but I don’t. I think it is important to keep a closer eye on many health conditions and type one is absolutely one of them.

There are enough bellends on the roads without adding diabetics that can’t read road signs.

I mean, we all know a clinic visit could result in drops in our eyes and that our eye clinic tests could be even more likely. How many of you still drive there? Are you really planning to leave your car there overnight and get someone to pick it up are you working on the ‘it is the only way I can’ so will just be careful driving home? If that is how so many treat official visits then how are we truly treating driving?

If anything our sorts of checks need to come into place for more conditions. Could someone with epilepsy take a fit? Could someone without anxiety take a panic attack? Could someone with migraines become suddenly unable to control their car? Checks don’t happen for no reason. It costs the government money too.

You could be driving at 70mph in a machine that weighs how much exactly and oh, could explode. Making sure you are safe to be driving said machine is pretty important in my book. Site can deteriorate in anyone and not be noticed. That is why we test our eyes every year if we wear glasses in Scotland and don’t get charged. Most people I know who get a new prescription never even realised that they needed it. How much were they not seeing before that test?

I remember when my hba1c was high. I could never fully concentrate. The whole world was in a sort of haze. That happened within a year. A YEAR. SO people want us to wait TEN to see if diabetics are safe? It just sounds crazy to me. Then there were the years where my hba1c was fine but I swing from hyper to hypo and slept 18 hours a day. I had no business behind a wheel. I don’t think we can honestly rely on diabetics to be honest and even beyond that I don’t think people are always aware of how much their condition has deteriorated and what that means. I also don’t think it is fair for the Drs to be lumped with making sure a person can drive on top of everything else. Sure, a diabetic could lie on the forms but I’d like to think we would not stoop that low at least.

It isn’t just about ‘us’. It is also about everyone around us too. It is the passengers we have in cars, the people crossing roads we drive on and the other cars around us all across the country. In some conditions licences are revoked too late. In some cases people should have a licence that they should have. Those are pathetic and horrific ways of deflecting from the topic at hand. Basically you are saying ‘well he could be dangerous too’. Yeah but so could we. So let’s check that we are not. Drop the price of a type ones’s licence to a third of a regular one because we renew it three times as often. If you are safe to drive you will get your licence back. If you are not safe to drive yes you will lose your licence and the majority of the time that is for a good reason. Just because someone else that shouldn’t have their licence keeps theirs does not mean someone who is diabetic and shouldn’t have theirs gets to keep it too.


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