I want to help students

Tonight I have had all sorts of thoughts about students trying to break into the treatment of diabetes. I have spoken before about why say yes to students is important, why letting them into appointments with my Doctors is important. Textbooks tell them so much. In fact I think textbooks present a rather narrow view. There is a ‘textbook way’ that diabetics are aware of and that a lot of us hate. It is the way we are ‘supposed’ to be. It is the way many of us are not. Textbooks talk about chemistry and biology and how cells break down other cells. Depression, anxiety attacks, eating disorders, epilepsy, autism, and wow I could go on for days. They do not appear so easily in the textbooks and they certainly cannot claim to show how every person with any of those problems or anything else will react when being diabetic.

You can spot a newly qualified Doctor a mile off. They are timid and check notes extra times and ask questions like statements in case we flip the table and launch them out of the window. It is awkward all round. I don’t want them to feel so nervous. I really shouldn’t be that scary.

Students that appear in my apps sit in a corner wrapped around their notepads saying nothing until prompted. I try smile and sit openly but they look shy and scared and rarely ask anything, well, relevant. I always leave thinking ‘that was not what you wanted to ask me’. So what did they want to ask? Would they ask somewhere more comfortable?

So, I’m reaching out to twitter to ask twitter and doctors I’m aware are there to see if there is something more I can do. Maybe it involves going to a university and answering some questions now and then. Maybe if involves signing up for an email list where students can ask me things in an anonymous way. I want to answer. I want to help. In five or six or seven years they will be sitting opposite me at a desk and I will find myself the older person and they will have to steel themselves before asking me a question. It is what my aunt lived through and my mum after her and I don’t want it to be me next. I don’t want them to worry. Ask me. Ask me awkward questions. Ask me sexual questions. Ask me mental health questions. Ask me anything that helps YOU become the BEST you can be in this field.

And yeah for any students in the field that read this, get in touch. I’ll reply.


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