Sign to help Endometriosis.


Please sign this petition to try and force the government in the UK to take action in getting a quicker diagnosis for this disease. It is a horrible disease impacting 1 in 10. At least. Many don’t know they have it and never get tested. Three members of my family do not have official diagnosis but everything fits.

I went 10 years without knowing. I don’t want to have children and maybe that is a good thing because my fertility will have been impacted. It might be by not much and it might be serious. I don’t know. Because people don’t get tested or ask or think that maybe being in agony is nothing something you need to ‘get over’, or just ‘take something and get on with it’. Maybe it is is serious and maybe we need to do more.

The fact that every part of the computer I type that word into tries to spell correct it to something else as if it doesn’t exist. It does. For 1 in 10. At least.

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