#nobraday and the bullshit it reflects.

Going to have to talk about #nobraday. For some to go outside their house today and not wear a bra is scary and a huge achievement. For others it is normal. For others still it is an act of defiance though we don’t want it to be.

Many people who grow breasts do not grow large ones. This means that wearing a bra has little impact on the appearance of their breasts to the outside world or that a jumper would mask the yes or no impact of a bra. No one can tell. It certainly does not lead to much judgement, or not in the way others feel it.

For some their breasts are larger and wearing or not wearing a bra is noticeable but still deemed acceptable by the public. Some people call it a rebellion or cool or ultra feminist or hipster.

For many others their breasts are larger still. Once you get past a D or DD it is very obvious you are not wearing a bra. Once you get past a EE or an F people start to call you names. They say trash, common, uneducated, poor, idiot, slut ect. This is only because the fat glands that all cis women grow happen to be bigger lumps of fat that the cis women around us grow. Society says that breasts should be perky and small. Don’t kid yourselves people, a DD is not big. I would cry buckets if a surgeon said this instant they would reduce my Js to DDs.

Society claims that people who are attracted to breasts like big breasts but are they really? Evidence suggests they like big breasts till around DD and then they like surgically big breasts which sit high and are perky. The naturally drooping H, H, J, JJ breasts that will never sit around the area of a person’s armpit are not deemed attractive. They get called saggy and grandma tits and worse. All those ‘largest boobs in the world’ articles tend to focus on surgical implants that have those attempts at perky. Real boobs drop. Not to the knee as fools claim but certainly mid chest at least. It is not pleasant. It does not feel sexy at least. Clothes are not created to fit my size. And even when they are they seem to just scream LOOK BOOBS.

I don’t wear a bra all the time but it is not an achievement. My back hurts every day. Wearing a bra and then not moves the pain from the top to the bottom of my spine and therefore creates a balances. A dull ache. I’m never not in pain but that balances means I can walk without gritting my teeth and wanting to cry.

Not wearing a bra has become this image of feminism. I understand why it was but hate that it still is. People should be over that. People should accept that a bra is just another article of clothing. I wear a bra to university and to important society shit like the doctors and meetings. Most of the time I wish I did not. The bra comes off after uni and doctor visits often upset my rhythm. The position of breasts on a person’s chest should have no relevance. Ever. I have amazing friends in that the first time my back was truly in agony in a bra I asked a FRIEND if I could visit without one. She was bewildered that it was even a question. Maybe you have friends like that but don’t know it? Ask. To be honest those who have an issue sound like bad friends. Is whether a person uses some cotton or wire to position a body part really what defines a person and as a result a friend? I don’t think so. I hope not.

I hope no bra day will bring more people to realise that a bra is what you make of it. If pushing your breasts up and creating that cleavage you what is what makes you happy then I will support you all the way! I just want to support the person that doesn’t want to wear one at all too! I want both of you to get a job, whether your cleavage is obvious, drooping, or as society says it should be. Where your boobs are and what they are doing should mean nothing in regards to your employment or whether you meet a partner or how you get seen on the street by others.

For some they are cages. For some they are freedom. For some they are gateways.

We need to embrace all of those opinions and we need to realise that breasts are glands of fat and no person should be judged by the size of them. Ever.

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