skye to daisy and why that is fantastic.

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I have seen a lot of people upset that Skye decided to go by her birth name of Daisy in Agents of Shield. It has got to the point where I want to put my own feelings down about it and why I understand her doing so. I would compare it to my own asexuality. If you grow up knowing who and what you are a label is an easy thing to dismiss and think unimportant. If you grow up wondering who and what you are a label can be a huge sense of relief and belonging.

Did Skye/Daisy’s parents turn out to be horrible and wicked people? Yes. Does that mean they did not love her? No.

Skye picks her name not initially because she likes it but because she doesn’t like the name given to her in her orphanage. A hats off to fandom and fanfic is that it is Mary Sue. (By the way, that is the first hint that Skye was never going to remain Skye and that this show had big plans. I have always thought Skye was the main character of this show. ) A Mary Sue is known to be a fandom insert that looks flat and lacks purpose and personality. Skye decides to pick a name she likes and not be just the childhood that she hated so much. She is viewed as an orphan so decides to shed that skin and become her own person. She develops a life for herself and ok when we first meet her in Agents of Shield she is living in a van but she seems pretty happy to be there. She’s doing what she wants to be doing and that happens to be hacking the government and so on.

She then goes and finds herself in the position of being able to find more information about her birth parents after becoming a sort of mini-agent. Many children who grow up in orphanages or are raised in adopted homes, for any number of reasons, decide not to pursue this information. Many do. Yes, there are inhumans and murders and secret agents but at the heart of it is a very real desire for a young woman to learn where she came from in regards to her heritage.

My father is no saint. In fact, I have hardly spoken to him for a year and it was a long time coming. I know that tug of ‘he’s my dad‘ and ‘wow he’s an arsehole’ rather well and that is without aforementioned inhumans and murders and secret agents. Many struggle to just cut ties so severely. It is natural to want to at least know and to know all of it. Then many feel, you can walk away. Cause you know, you know?

The search Skye goes on can appear frustrating as she bugs Phil for details but as someone with a broken family and a small militia of step parents I can relate. If your family is whole or you are adamant a certain member of it should remain blacklisted then it can be hard to relate to those feelings, or perhaps more importantly easy to dismiss them. I think Skye worked because a lot of people across the world went ‘aliens aside I’m Skye, fml, even if my ‘hacking level’ is html on livejournal and streaming on putlocker’.

Skye’s discovery of her parents is bittersweet and the struggle between S.H.I.E.L.D and the Inhumans in season two is a very gritty representation of what many adopted and orphaned children can face. It is the family you chose/chose you, against the family that you are tied to by blood. Both want to know you. Both lay claim to you. Both can sling mud at the other and you are left there, as Skye was, in the middle. I’m just glad I did not have shields and societies crashing around me, you know?

Skye finds herself in the position of realising that her chosen family is the one that is doing the ‘right things’, realising that both sides love her and on top of that she finds herself with weird powers. She finds the name she could have had if her parents had raised her and the kicker is that they wanted to. She finds that they did not want to give her up. For someone who grew up in an orphanage that must be a huge thing. While wrong, corrupted and murderous her parents wanted her. That must be a thing so many children in dorms of beds dream about.

Skye grew up with a name a nun found for her and a very generic nun name at that. Mary? Really? In the 80s? Harsh. To find a name her parents gave her and to find it is a nice name must have been pretty awesome. Of course at first she rejects it. Look at who it comes from! But the fact remains that they loved, wanted and cared for her as long as they could and at the time canon suggests they were decent people. This is also when she finds out that she is not human but inhuman and has this weird power from an alien race. Friends turn on her and those who do not are at least suspicious. She is basically left with Fitz and while he is great he is also outnumbered.

Skye becomes a whole new person. She is no longer the hacker girl in a van. She is a shield agent with skills with a computer and a gun. She has knowledge of things her boss can only hope to understand and powers she does not understand. She has transitioned into a new person. Daisy was the name her parents, whom she craved for so long, gave her. Is it really so bad she chose to be Daisy? People change their names all the time. Because they feel it does not fit the gender or because they do not like it or because they need to flee. Daisy chooses it because it should have been her name as she should have been raised with her power. Now she has a family name to call her own. She has a history, a sense of being and belonging even if that past is not good. It is still more than she had.

Maybe it is that so many fans have never considered a name change. I had one forced on me at ten years old. My mother took my father’s name and replaced it with my stepfathers so my birth certificate is like a relic of my past. I don’t use my name of ‘Samantha’ a lot. It can sometimes take a couple of listens to register you mean me at all given years of spending classes with several girls with the same name and a boy called Sam.

Who you are and where you come from and who you will be are shaped by so many factors. Given everything they had to look at and adding the murders and inhumans and the agents in too I think S.H.I.E.L.D did damn well with Daisy Johnson. And if you look back from the first episode I really think it becomes clear that this show is not about Phil, the agent we roared over being killed by Loki, but about Daisy. Frankly a show around Phil would be rather boring in comparison. IS he just going to walk up to people and say ‘classified’ get Fitz to say something is alien and then put a tent around things? Everything comes around to her in the end and I think it always will. So if that is really an issue. If a person choosing to change their name because if makes them happy makes you sad.

Well, you’re watching the wrong show.

And probably need to stop and think.


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