diets and diabetes

I really want to do the 5 minute Friday posts and this week is ‘bacon’. Well I think I can go with this and bring in my health but I will content warning at the moment for weight loss.

Still with me? Cool. Ok so I did a weight loss programme four years now and I lost a couple of stone. I hit my target weight which was based on my height and such but then changed to account for my huge boobs. One they are heavy so any ‘weight’ I get, I really do take with a pinch of salt because I know anywhere between half and a full stone of weight is those horrid fat glands. It is also abou tmy body shape. Even when I was at my fattest I had a very narrow back size. I stopped losing weight because despite being over 10 stone I was in danger of having a 29 inch waist and so unable to get a bra to fit my HH/J cup size. I kept losing weight though and looking back I think I looked too thin. I never dropped below 10/5 and yet the group I went to would look for me to lose another stone. At least.

Well, it all fell apart anyway. I got my insulin pump. Suddenly I was not afraid to eat. So yeah, I crawled over my limit deemed by the diet. I enjoyed myself with friends in the way I had not been able to for years. My thyroid fluxed and so I needed more . I gained weight while following the plan to a letter and just got told it was my fault. It wasn’t. I was trying.

So I dropped off and by the time I decided enough was enough I had put on most of what I lost even if I looked different. I suspect being more toned and such. The fact is that my diabetes just reacts better when I’m slimmer. I don’t know why. I wish my body shape did not dictate my health but like most of my diabetic things it just doesn’t follow the textbook.

I am who I am and to be the best I can be I’m on another healthy living plan. This one allows pasta and potatoes and noodles and rice and I am so on board with that. Not so much the toast and porridge without counting it but I can do that. Bacon, chicken and low fat meat though. So on board. SO ON BOARD. I will do whatever it takes to be the healthiest I can be and I don’t want anyone judging me for it. We all have our roads to health.

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