tw: weight loss journey

I started my quest to slim down this week. I am doing slimming world to be all open about it. I went over my ‘syn’ value at the end of the week. (disclosure I don’t like that name ‘syn’. but I do think having a limit on things like alcohol and non-filling carbs like crisps and biscuits benefits me) I had a couple of bad hypos in the last two days of my ‘week’ and it was hard to completely recall how much juice I had to fix it and stuff. People like to think we just have those 200ml but let’s be honest, when really hypo it can get hard to only have what seems so little and you’re struggling to stay on your feet. And I have no idea how many cookies I had when I dropped to 2.4 on the Wednesday night. Being honest.

So, to find myself three and a half pounds lighter this evening was a wonderful feeling. I’d been following the plan unofficially with family before I went last week so I knew that first ‘big loss’ may be impacted. So SUPER happy. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I’m happy to give up a drink on a Sunday to still have my wine on a Saturday and I’m loving all these new recipes I am getting to try. I love cooking from scratch. I get such a sense of calm when I’m cooking and tinkering with recipes and trying new things really get me going. Boiled broccoli that is drained then heated over with curry powder? I will never need rice again. So good.

As I said though I’ve had some up and downs with my diabetes. Lots more fruit and veg has lowered my carb intake a lot.  I’m a one woman strawberry demolishing machine and they don’t impact my glucose. It has shown some issues with basal rates which I can now work them too. Not nice to experience the hypos and such to find those issues but hey, silver linings.

I know I can lose the weight because I have done it before. That is important. These days weight loss gets attached a lot online in the circles I drift in. No one should be shamed for their appearance and that includes their weight but this has transformed in some places to being taboo to talk about losing weight at all. I hope that the people who follow my blog and twitter will be supportive of the journey that I am taking.

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