Hypo and Help From My Furry Family

Animals are amazing. We know this. They are even more amazing when a person is not well and maybe more of us don’t know that. My dogs are lhasa apsos. They are bred to be alert for intruders and to make a whole lot of noise when they suspect an invasion of our little bubble. It means they stay close and when they are not at my feat they are by windows or on the stairs peering out the glass of the front door. The more you know about these delightful little dogs and their purpose centuries ago the more their little actions fall into place. For example, I am utterly convinced they have conversations at four am to determine some sort of rota system. I am never alone in this house. Ever. Even when I take a shower I will open the door and once the steam clears a bundle of fluff will be sat at my feet. One of them is always either at my feet at my desk or on the bed. Usually it is S but I am never, ever, alone. Sometimes I swear they stare each other out when I head downstairs debating who will follow.

So last night when I woke up and realised I was hypo (1.8! O_O) I had a procession follow me down stairs. They all sniffed at my feet and trooped into the kitchen after me. They watched patiently while I had my juice and fumbled about with a yogurt and cereal bars to fix it (No idea why I picked that combo). I fell onto the my knees on the concrete floor so that hurts now! I didn’t feel it at the time. I remember them swarming around me though and pressing noses to thighs and licks to wrists.

Now, S is a mooch. She is getting better but she normally hovers around looking hopeful. She is the one that will reach up to put paws on your knees and has to be spoken to. D does to sleep on your lap and doesn’t care. N sits beside you to see if he will get lucky but doesn’t overly bother. Well this morning they sat on the floor and just observed. When I had finished they all jumped up and cuddled around me, to comfort me. N kept sniffing until my scent stopped signalling ‘hypo’. When I felt stable enough I came back up stairs. D and S disappeared to their own beds (ie..my parent’s) while N curled up with me as usual.

They knew what was wrong. They knew how to help fix it. (Emotional help) They are remarkable little creatures.

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