Protesting Abortion hurts lives. Many have nothing to do with pregnancy

Well that is not entierly true. My womb was involved. I have no interest in sex so if I was pregnant it is very unlikely to be my choice, welcomed, or kept. Still not my point though. My point is I have endometriosis and my current treatment is the coil implant. It is a contraception but I do not have it to stop possible fussion cells. It is for cysts and pain.

When I was to be fitted I was sent to an Edinburgh clinic. That freaked me out enough. I thought my GP would do it and while I did not relish the idea of DR B up my vag, at least I knew him. So clinic was a massive dnw. I found the clunic and then my womb fell out my arse emotion wise. It had had protests. Pro-life protests are linked to the USA, Ireland and the developing world. My country was surely more progressive and respectful of bodily autonomy? It appeared not.

Now I was not going for an abortion nor was I getting the coil for sexual reasons. I was not sexually active. I was just in pain. Yet rather than getting to calmly go and get my procedure I faced the very real possibility that I would face verbal abuse for seeking medical attention for a chronic illness impacting one of my organs. It does not relate so neatly to clusters if cells put that way does it ?

Consequently I had several anxious fits before my appointment. I aporoached the clinic in terror. I scurried across tge road and into the safety of the entrance hall. No one appeared. Most of what that clinic does has nothing to do with abortion  it deals with all aspects of sexual, reproductive and bodily health. That shocks pro-birthers but is true. Most people crossing picket lines in the USA are going to get smears, sexual and health tests they cannot afford elsewhere. Tests for cancer in the cervix and the breasts. And those going for an abortion should receive no judgement. Especially in a nation created by people fleeing religious persecution.

I went. Many will not. Instead they will suffer with their ailments and fear facing a clinic, even here in the UK. Every pharmacy in the UK can end a possible pregnancy the morning after but I do not see them being protested. Perhaps it is because many of these narrow minded people get their own medication there? If I could receice my treatment within the safety of my DRs and the pharmacy next door I would. But I cannot. The place I went actually had a section dedicated to helping fertility. And those people may face posters and accusation of ‘baby killers’. I am all for free speach but perhaps there needs to be limits.

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