Captain America Trailer

I’m excited about the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I promised not everything I wrote here would be about health because my life is not all about health so yay superhero ramblings.

Mostly, it is great to see so many avengers and characters from various individual films making the crossover. Sometimes the world feels rather disjointed. Where was Tony when Steve was bringing down Hydra, you know? Where was Steve when Tony was having panic attacks on live TV? Where was any proper discussion of Tony’s adventure in Ultron? I mean, Thor you can forgive and Bruce likes to hide but the lack of crossover within the Cap/Tony/Pepper/Happy/Rhodey circle has needed to come. Natasha is the connection but we need more than just her. I’m also glad to see the new avengers though slightly miffed I will need to cave and go watch Ant-Man.
I will end up loving it now I’m saying this but it just doesn’t appeal to me. Usually Marvel trailers have me all ‘I NEED THIS FILM’ and AntMan just didn’t do it for me. Neither did Guardians of the Galaxy. I later streamed Guardians and while I enjoyed the aesthetic and had fun I have no desire to re-watch it you know? But fantastic play from Marvel…everything makes more sense if you watch everything. Too bad for Marvel Putlocker is still a thing.

I really want to see the Avengers find out that PHIL IS NOT DEAD. I don’t care that Joss now sulks about whether it is in the universe or not. It still is so make it happen. Maria Hill still swoops between as do Hydra villains. I’m not saying bring in Daisy in right this instant to kick ass but have them stumble over CCTV, have them argue, have it be revealed Nat knows and make her say ‘it’s classified’ (cause she so would). SOMETHING. Agents of Shield is fun on its own but it really has the potential to combine SO well and there more minor actors/tv actors that work on the movies would happily work both so Marveeeeeelllll.


And I refuse to believe they couldn’t write even a 3 episode arc for one of the big guns to appear. Jeremy SO would. Hell I really think Chris and Robert would though Robert might be more pricey to convince. Plus I wanna see May kick Rumlow’s ass and totally not react at all to meeting Tony Stark cause she’s May and fuck people.

Anyway trailer. Bucky looks broken. I approve. I don’t think he should just get away with what he did but fandom seems to have fractured down the middle on that note. I do not believe he should be thrown in jail and the key thrown away because he was brainwashed and hydra brainwashing is canonically total control, no will of their own. It is nothing like cults or religion or political totalitarian regimes. People can still think for themselves. It is a capability that they have. Bucky’s character does not have that. It is part of what makes the brainwashing of hydra so terrifying and such a deep plot point. Yet no one who is under the influence of say, heavy psychotic medication or mental illness is punished in reality in the same way a cold blooded killer is. Stone killers you put in jail for ever. Mentally ill people you put in, yes a confinement, but with the medical treatment they need to reclaim themselves. They still must pay for their actions in time ect but they are given a certain amount of understanding. Or made to give back.

I believe Bucky should be contained but with mental health doctors and therapy. If he could be found sane enough to use his abilities to aid in certain situations then I see that a reflection of the real world. It is just on a magnified scale of circumstances. It is exactly what happens now. People are allowed out to do certain things under supervision, with someone taking personal responsibility of that person. I think that would be a good way to put things on screen but we shall see. To me, Bucky is a victim as well as a perpetrator. The world isn’t black and white, good people and death eaters or…Bucky and the Winter Soldier.

Those who did the brainwashing though? Deserve their fingernails ripped off with tweezers, because to strip someone of their identity, self will and control and make them do inhumane things is truly evil. I think it is the thing we fear most as humans, that someone could do that to us.

I don’t know if I’m team Cap or team Tony to be honest. If a person had that much power, I do think there should be some sort of record. Guns have records after all. The issue is I don’t trust the people who would have those records. So that puts me towards Cap. I just understand why Team Tony is a thing. Again, not black and white.


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