play the game. you may lose.

Well I just decided that yes, it was my pump that was the problem and not my attempts to carb count.  I had enough insulin to crawl my way into tomorrow and I did not want to have to face a set fail on Christmas day so even though I was due in time terms to change my set I held off. I thought if it fails in the morning then ok, it is boxing day. It isn’t Christmas.


Yeah well I should have known better than the chance.


It took a few tests and a few attempted corrections and a few more’blimey that stuffing must be half corn’ to realise that my set was just done. The insulin was there but the link to my body was not. I feel silly and stupid. I should have known better.


I played the game and I lost and at half 8 on Christmas day, after hours of feeling crap, I’ve set a new set. I hope it works.


merry christmas

for the diabetics.

May your stockings be bursting,

your tummies too,

winning at insulin

and no hypers for you