of gp changes and referrals

I booked a Doctor’s appointment for last Friday there and I wrote notes that took up an A4 page before I even stepped over the door. Now, my GP took months off last year and returned on a two day week pattern. It has been horrendous. My GP has been great for most of my life and he is very popular. Many people go to him despite him not being their GP. Like my mother! This means getting an appointment for him took weeks in advance before he reduced his hours. Now you can pretty much forget it. So when I walked into the surgery two weeks ago and asked for an appointment I declared I would take anyone who had an appoint in the afternoon of X Friday. I got a GP I have maybe seen three times in the last ten years?


What a world shift.


She was early! WOW! She got straight to the point. I received a new contour usb meter from diabetes.org so I was thrilled! I took along the relevant prescription changes and she got that done for me. (My reaction to this meter is another blog post in the words).


Then I brought up something that has been bothering me for months. I have tendonitis on the sole of my right foot because when I was thirteen I tripped over my CAT and landed on a nail that holds our elevated stereo speakers in place. As my luck would have it I managed to land in a way that put said nail straight through the middle of the tendon that runs up the centre of the foot. It was agony and I hobbled for months. It was a few years of ‘straining it’ that I returned to the Dr to be told it was tendonitis. Make sure all your shoes have a solid sole. That was my info!


Well, over the past few years I’ve noticed a similar pain in my left foot near my ankle tendons and wow did I deny it. My parents hate the notion of me getting more things diagnosed. Sometimes I think they believe I’m a  hypochondriac but I’m not, I’m just very unlucky and my hormone system is screwed across the board. As is common if one aspect of it goes wrong. Anyway,  it was getting worse and worse so I said I would talk to the Dr about it and what do you know, everything seized up on my way down. By the time I reached the surgery I could not bend my foot at between my leg and actual foot and I was hobbling in agony.


So the Dr got a good look and it took her 30 seconds to decided my trying to take pressure off one tendon had caused the other to give up. I’m not being referred to a food specialist for  them to more clearly assess the damage and tell me what I’m allowed to walk in.  I think my little dolly shoes are destined for the bin. Sob.


I then brought up labrynthitis. Most people get it and have no symptoms after 3 weeks. Some get reoccurring bouts of it. I am now constantly dizzy and with a sore head and nausea. I should have had a hearing test after I first got the virus and then been referred to a specialist at an Ear Nose and Throat clinic after my symptoms persisted. No one picked up on this! It was only with the help of another person who has had it that I learned more could be done. So I got a referral for that out of her too.


I’m struggling with sleeping right now (because citalopram wakes you up) and depression. She sort of blew up. I take 40mg of citalopram every night  and have for a few years. Apparently no one should be on such a dose for such a time. It is not healthy and could be the reason I have so many headaches. So she has increased my dose of trazadone (sleeping like a baby :D) that helps me sleep and is weaning me of off citalopram so the side effects don’t continue to bother me and I can get a proper antidepressant. Citalopram is very generic and treats both anxiety and depression. She says if anything she would rather medicate each illness alone than do this one pill approach.  I have to phone her any time I’m struggling to wean. I am four days in and fine though. I alternate 40 and 20 for a week and then it is 20 and 10 and me getting very frustrated trying to crack the buggers in half because she prescribed me another back of 20s and no 10s. Sob.


My family continue to insist I should get off meds altogether. They fail to think that I struggle with them so how on earth would I cope with nothing? Some people need meds. Get over it. For the ‘well we didn’t have them X’. Yeah and a lot more people were locked away or killed or hurt themselves.