Windows updates when I did not want Windows updates have erased this posts so many times that I wondered why I bothered. It kind of felt like another way Westminster was kicking me in the teeth. I get political. Often. I go out on the beat for my candidate and I do that until my tendinitis is screaming and my fatigue aches. I do it because I believe in what I am doing.


There are far too many people in the so called United Kingdom right now in dire need and that goes far beyond any health aid I’ve mentioned before. There are people being told the best that can be done is three months on an air bed in a leisure centre or town tall while the thing most likely to kill them is taken care of. What about all the other checks? What about how being IN those places could kill people.


It destroys any other post I thought of putting together. I am safe. I know my doctor is close. I know my animas delivery will come. I am lucky.nintchdbpict0003314061771