I May not like her but

….attacking her this way is not ok.


Officially in the twilight zone defending Theresa May.


She wore her libre last night. That is the white circle you see on her left arm in the pictures. That circle has a sensor which monitors her blood sugar control and aids her in better controlling her disability. I have one too. So do many diabetics I know. There have been horrendous comments saying it is her on off switch, her command receiver, that she’s a cyborg ect.

They say that is where she gets injected with her command drugs. That she is a lizard person. It isn’t natural. She should not wear it when it will be seen. It is not ‘right’ for a PM to show ‘weakness’.

Would you say all that to ME too? Should I only appear this way when YOU deem it fit? This sort of talk is ableism.


It is attacking her for her disability. It is WRONG. There are plenty of reasons to have a go at May but her being seen in public with a tool that helps manage her disability is NOT one of them. How many diabetics will see that sort of abuse and go ‘well I can never show mine in public.’. ‘I won’t wear one’.


Also, plenty of commentary talks of how it is not available on the NHS. WRONG. NHS Scotland provide the Libre and its sensors. It is being rolled out across all health boards. There is access in other parts of the UK but yes it comes with some costs. So report that right.


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