30 days of diabetes.

I wrote this in a state of anger on twitter. I won’t lie about that. But given the feedback from the community, I know it hit home for too many,

How about we stop lying?

1: It sucks

2: It will prolong or STOP you getting to where you want to be.

3: Everything will be harder.

4: You will spend a fortune on things abled people don’t have to, EVEN IN THE UK

5: People judge you for being disabled or not disabled enough.

6: There is not going to be a cure any time soon.

7: These big diabetic companies do not have our best interests at heart

8: Adult care is BAD compared to children’s care.

9: It is harder to take a pump/cgm off an adult who got it as a child. So push for your kid to get if they will engage with it. (yes adults will struggle not to be bitter about this.

10: A lot of us are pissboiling mad about the whole affair and that is valid

11: All ‘diets’ are valid if made as a choice.

12: There is nothing wrong with eating carbs. You can achieve flatlines with carbs.

13: T1 is impacted by things such as emotion, weather, time of day, a rock that fell over in Pluto. Deal with it.

14: The NHS gatekeeps treatments

15: The gatekeeping is due to lack of funding.

16: MDI users that are deemed as ‘safe’ are not told about other treatments to avoid rising costs in UK

17: A generation of British diabetics are traumatised by the way Doctors treated us ‘DO THIS OR LOSE A LEG)

18: Those same people are now treated by the same Drs who never actually said sorry.

19: Hospital inpatient care is actually very dangerous for type one diabetes even when in with diabetic problems

20: We are 2-3Xs more likely to be depressed

21: We are more than twice as likely to develop an eating disorder

22: We call it a hypo but every hypo causes brain damage. It is just a question if we fully recover from each one or how much.

23: No two diabetics have the same symptoms/insulin/med needs

24: You are your own diabetes expert. HCPs can only ever advise. ‘That doesn’t happen with/to/for me’ is a whole and valid sentence.

25: You’re allowed a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Go through the whole clinic. Move clinic. Don’t settle.

26: T1 lowers life expectancy

27: Jobs will discriminate against us despite laws

28: The education system discriminates against us despite leaps and bounds of improvement

29. There is too much helicopter parenting happening

30. Oh and all the rules? More like guidelines and they change for every diabetic.

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