dogs vs diabetes.

tri coloured lhasa apso dog with a few inches long coat lying flat out facing the camera on a peacock printed colourful duvet.

Been a couple of hours since I finally half fell through the door after another gruelling shift in retail land. Since I updated in general I have been promoted to supervisor at work. Well, it is a trial but at this point, I am pretty confident that I will not lose my spot as it were. I went from doing 12 hours a week to pretty much triple that. That was not the plan but people left and things needed done. So here I am. Diabetes wise it has been touch and go. The libre 2, when working, has been vital because I set my alarms higher at work for a hypo and ward them off before they make me unable to run my team. The problem is it is very faulty. At this point I recognise voices when I get through to abbott. But that is another post.

My heart is still full that when I came in, Nico (my 9 year old lhasa apso) wouldn’t leave me be. He did not sit and stare looking for my late to lick after I hate my heated up dinner. Instead, he followed me around the house until I was sitting talking to a family member and remained there, sniffed, licked. He was making sure that he was satisfied my blood sugars were high enough. I was not actually HYPO but I was sitting as low as I’m happy to be and while I would have sat on that number during the day…not for bed. And he just knows these things.

So he sat with me until he was content my mashed potatoes had started to kick in and change that 4.5 (81) to a 6.5 (108). Then he buggered off cause I’m not all that interesting when it comes down to it. But …dogs are amazing. And probably smarter than us. I need a meter attached to my arm to alarm while my brain sends signals to start waves of varying symptoms that add up to ‘warning: body imploding’ and Nico is just like….’ maw you smell funny. Eat’

We don’t deserve them.

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