adventures in the real world


A lot has changed since I started this blog. When I started it my health meant I could neither study nor work. In fact, I could hardly leave my house without fear of my diabetes slipping out of control or me just being too tired.

I got a dog. Nico. Lhasa Apso. Untrained furball who detects hypos anyway but hasn’t mastered rolling over. He helped me with my anxiety so much to get out and about. I started an insulin pump and stabalised which allowed me to start volunteering in Oxfam for nearly a year. That kickstarted my life back into something resembling the norm. I also returned to my studies at university and completed my honours degree in history. This was obviously a huge boost to my mental health which has steadily improved and mostly remains stable other than patches of days here and there.


Outside of the health issues I love history, obviously, and travelogue graphic novels. I adore marvel and lego computer games. I’m a passionate lover of Real Madrid football team and forfeited an 18th birthday party to go see them play instead. I love formula one and Fernando Alonso because he never gives up. I’ve been to Silverstone and plot with my best friends to go to more races. Andy Murray is the greatest realease of emotion available to me because screaming at the TV ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MAN?!’ is perfectly acceptable. I went all the way to France to see him play a Major since I knew I wouldn’t get tickets for wimbledon and then he pulled out injured. Typical. I know far too much about Harry Potter and will debate all realted issues passionately. I’m a Ravenclaw at heart but when I took the Pottermore test my academic soul was shut off ill so I hat-stalled between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. I kind of like mentally sorting fictional characters into Hogwarts houses. Or Divergent factions.

I’m way more than any of my endocrine gremlins. They just come along on the wacky ride that is me.

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